Rink Rules & Common Sense


–  Park in MARKED parking spots ONLY. There are plenty of spots immediately outside the rink doors. If those spots are full, there is additional parking outside the gate.

–  Drive cautiously through the parking lot.  This is not a race course and even if your child is a couple minutes late, it’s not worth driving recklessly through an area where kids are sure to be playing and skating


– Only Registered Players, Coaches, Refs & Volunteers are allowed on the rink to participate in games, practices, clinics etc. Individuals who are not a registered SRHL member are asked to remain off of the rink.

– The stands are for sitting on, not climbing on or playing under.  Children should not be allowed to play underneath or climb the rails.

–  Clean up your trash. A cleaning service is not provided with the rental of the facility. Please do everyone a favor and pick up your trash when leaving

–  Parents & children are not allowed to sit in the player boxes on the north side of the rink. This area is for coaches and players only

–  The rink door is to remain closed at all times when there are activities occurring on the rink, except in the case of players, refs or coaches entering or exiting.

– No food or drink on the rink, at any time

– Clean up spills immediately. These cause a slipping hazard for everyone, so please clean up any spill immediately

–  The bathroom hallway is not a playroom for children. Please explain this to your child.

– The Goalie Room is off limits except to coaches, refs, board members and goalies.  This is not a play room and the equipment is not general purpose toys for children.

– Players should be fully outfitted in all required gear before entering the rink, for their own safety

 Unsupervised children can cause chaos and issues – running in and out of doors, skating into people, screaming, squealing, fighting etc.  While we understand how fun it is to play with friends while parents are engrossed in a game, please understand parents that not all visitors appreciate the added chaos an unsupervised group of kids can bring.  We ask all parents to control your children and explain to them that they are expected to act respectfully at the rink.  If your child is causing an issue, he/she will be asked to leave the facility. Continued disrespect of the SRHL rules will result in being banned from the facility and nobody wants that!

– Respect coaches, refs and players. Derogatory and disrespectful comments should be kept to yourself unless there is a true issue of player safety.  The kids are out there to play and have fun. Don’t spoil the fun by acting out in an uncalled for manner. Coaches and refs are volunteers and are necessary to run a SRHL season. If you feel you can do a better job, we encourage you to speak to a board member or coordinator about volunteering your time.

– The Home Team of the last game, each night, is responsible for basic clean up of the facility before leaving for the night. This includes sweeping stands, sweeping the floor around and under the stands, picking up the bathrooms and picking up & dumping all trash into the dumpster outside