Below is a list of the Required & Recommended equipment for players. At the bottom of the page there is a list of locations you can purchase the equipment.

Required Equipment (note that the examples below are mostly “youth” size):

  • Mouthpiece with strap,  examplemouthguard
  • Helmet with full face shield, examplehelmet
  • Elbow Pads, exampleelbowpad
  • Gloves, examplegloves
  • Protective Cup, example for boysboys_cup   example for girlsgirls_cup
  • Shin Guards, exampleshinguard
  • Skates, exampleskates
  • Wood Stick, examplewoodstick  Beginning players should use a straight blade until they know whether they’ll hold the stick right- or left-handed. Many, many people who are right-handed actually hold the stick with their right hand on top (that is, they use a left-handed stick). In other words, a hockey stick is not a baseball bat! Let your child do whatever is most comfortable for him or her.

Optional but recommended:

Places to Purchase:’s Classified Ads – parents and past players often get rid of their gear when it’s no longer needed, so check back frequently or put a “want ad” of your own out there.

Carson City’s PlayItAgainSports; they offer a discount if you mention you’re from SRHL!

Online Vendors: